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          "A treehouse clan with a keg"


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Brothers of Tru Racing



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Brothers of Tru Fragging

Fragging is our business . . .

and business is good !!!






Well QuakeCon 2011 is upon us!!!!! Wooo Hooo !!!!!

Shoutbox it if your going. :)




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Log onto TastyCast with [BTF]Jehar

-Music, of course. Trying to keep it all high-tempo or high-dynamic stuff.
-Advertisements, for various projects and regular events.
-Interviews with community members on projects or whatnot.
-Match shoutcasts.
-Spammies of upcoming events.
-News and general tomfoolery.





E-mails @ clanbtf.net is available for ALL members.

Contact DS, through Tastyspleen, IRC, or E-mail me at deathstalker@clanbtf.net with requested name and pwrd.


Get all of the BTF skins here

Our skins download zip has expanded.

The Waste model with and without the BTF logo on it that Jehar uses.

And the Homer J. Simpson version 1_4 that DeathStalker uses.

[BTF]Who and [BTF]Zena have also made a clan skins !!!! And they've done a great job.

 Who and Zena's skins are labeled btfwz.


Here are pics of the original skins.