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About Us

Brothers of Tru Fragging

"Let not who we are be known for our tag,

but let our tag be known for who we are."


We are a FFA based multi game family who believe in sportsmanship, positive influence through positive actions, being helpful and showing respect to other players and admins alike, and good conduct (in game and on forums.)


We will get together for a game at the drop of a hat, drink, and be merry.

We try hard to be known NOT for the tag we wear or the name we share but for who we are.


IRC is our home, we live there and visitors are always welcome at the IRC server "enterthegame", channel "#BTF".


Quake II is and always will be our main game and the trunk of our tree .

Over time though that tree has grown to include many branches. Like Call of Duty 1 & 4 and F.E.A.R., and many other games we play as a group.


It doesn't matter if we're fragging hard and fast in Quake 2, sniping in Call of Duty, or going for the Particle Weapon in F.E.A.R. we're not out for world domination, having fun as a group and close kinships are our #1 goal.


Brothers of TrU Fragging

Pronunciation: 'br&-[th]&r
Function: noun
Inflected Form(s): plural brothers also brethˇren /'bre[th]-r&n; 'bre-[th]&-r&n, -[th]&rn/
Etymology: Middle English, from Old English brOthor; akin to Old High German bruodor brother, Latin frater, Greek phratEr member of the same clan
1 : a male who has the same parents as another or one parent in common with another
2 : one related to another by common ties or interests
3 : a fellow member -- used as a title for ministers in some evangelical denominations
4 : one of a type similar to another
5 a : KINSMAN b : one who shares with another a common national or racial origin; especially : SOUL BROTHER
6 a capitalized : a member of a congregation of men not in holy orders and usually in hospital or school work b : a member of a men's religious order who is not preparing for or is not ready for holy orders <a lay brother>

Pronunciation: 'trü
Function: adjective
Inflected Form(s): truˇer; truˇest
Etymology: Middle English trewe, from Old English trEowe faithful; akin to Old High German gitriuwi faithful, Old Irish derb sure, and probably to Sanskrit dAruna hard, dAru wood -- more at TREE
2 a (1) : being in accordance with the actual state of affairs <true description> (2) : conformable to an essential reality (3) : fully realized or fulfilled <dreams come true> b : IDEAL, ESSENTIAL c : being that which is the case rather than what is manifest or assumed <the true dimension of the problem> d : CONSISTENT <true to character>
3 a : properly so called <true love> <the true faith> <the true stomach of ruminant mammals> b (1) : possessing the basic characters of and belonging to the same natural group as <a whale is a true but not a typical mammal> (2) : TYPICAL <the true cats>
4 : LEGITIMATE, RIGHTFUL <our true and lawful king>
5 a : that is fitted or formed or that functions accurately b : conformable to a standard or pattern : ACCURATE
6 : determined with reference to the earth's axis rather than the magnetic poles <true north>
7 : logically necessary
8 : NARROW, STRICT <in the truest sense>
9 : corrected for error
- trueˇness noun

Frag is a computer game term, used in first-person shooter deathmatch. A frag is a killcount; one gets a frag if one kills ("frags") another player. In some games, one also loses a frag for killing oneself (called a "suicide", even if unintentional), for example, by falling a long distance or discharging a rocket directly into a nearby wall.

One does not usually lose frags for being killed by another player. This leads to the game theoretical consequence that one should engage in combat with another player unless severely outmatched because the potential benefit (one frag) outweighs the potential harm (lost time for respawning and the opponent, who may not be ranked first, getting a frag).

In this context the term "frag" is used to replace 'killing' or 'dying' as these terms are final - whereas first person shooters usually allow instant reincarnation. The usage of the term fragging is also a response to advocates of computer game censorship, who argue that violence in games can cause violence in real life. Most fps game players maintain that the obvious fantasy of computer games acts as a barrier preventing this cause-effect relationship. The term 'fragging' rather than 'killing' thus becomes a semantic indicator of the distance of the violence from any real act.

Fragging is sometimes contrasted with "gibbing", or blowing the enemy player into smithereens. When one shoots another player's character, they have been fragged. When one shoots another with a rocket launcher, and little bits go flying everywhere, they have been gibbed. (The smithereens are called 'gibs'.) Both can be referred to as 'frags', however.

Welcome to the BS free zone. Home of BTF clan. Brothers of TrU Fragging.


Thank you for visiting our site and enjoy your stay.